Hi and welcome to It’s a Beautiful Life, I am Rachael, your new favourite photographer. Let me tell you all about myself...

I am a lover of all things family, friends, food, love, and I just adore old stuff (if it’s been loved before than its got a story to tell).

Be it my own family photo albums that show the dirt, the fun and love of my childhood, right down to an old table spoon that I picked up in a second hand store some years ago, that spoon had been used so much that the bottom of the spoon had worn flat.

I fell in love with the idea that a single item can hold such amazing stories, I can only imagine how many meals the spoon has created, how much custard it’s stirred, the conversations which have gone on while using the spoon. 

One day someone will pick up your family portraits and they will be able to look into the picture and feel the love and emotion that you shared with your family in that one very small moment in time caught on camera. 

Not only am I a photographer, I am a wife and mum to my amazing family. I have been so very lucky to have fallen in love x6. My most precious job is being the mother to my 5 amazing babies.

I’m lucky to have found and fallen in love with my best friend Mick, my business partner, and the very first love of my life. Together, we have worked hard to create a home for our family and every day I am grateful that I have such a strong and dedicated husband who works tirelessly to make our hopes and dreams come true. 

 I want to be able to watch families create memories,
then deliver the photographs which will make those
memories last a life time.

I love living on the land and we have a beautiful little farm in the Southern Highlands, on top of the great dividing range, in which we have some spectacular views and locations at our door step (always a bonus when you’re a photographer).

I have always loved photos, I don’t just see photos as an image on a piece of paper, I feel that photos are far more than that. Some of my favourite photos of my family are just happy snaps that mum has taken, and we are usually being as daggy and as dirty as we could possibly be - something I like to call imperfect perfection.

These moments are what makes our story unique and tailored to us. As much as I love my family albums I have very few pictures with my mum in the picture, so I am making it my mission to photograph every day moments that are families just being families. Mums being mums, doing what we do best. I want to be able to watch families create memories, then deliver the photographs which will make those memories last a life time.

the things i




These are my number one possession. They tell the story of who I am, where I’ve come from, where I’ve been, and how I got here.

They are a catalogue of stories from my life that make me who I am today and who I will be tomorrow. I am so glad that I have been obsessed with taking photos my whole life.

My photos tell stories of love, loss, joy, sheer delight, the highlights, and are a snap shot of some of the very best days of my life. When I look at my pictures sometimes I feel like I can hear, smell, and remember how I was feeling in the moment which makes me emotional just writing about it. 



Birthdays are big in our house you must talk about the cake for at least 364 days. During this time there is the design, the re-design and then the final decision, the making and tweaking - it’s a full process around here.

We eat it for breakfast then we eat it for tea, because it’s your birthday and who doesn’t love cake for breakfast (and that’s 14 meals a year I don’t have to meal plan for!).

There must be 789 photos taken of the cake to celebrate the achievement that you survived another year, and that you will be launching into the next year of the story, full of cake, chocolate, icing, and lots of sprinkles. 



I am always in awe and completely head over heels in love with my very patient hard-working husband.

Mick is my absolute polar opposite, he has to be in order to bring me balance. I have loved him since I laid eyes on him 19 years ago and I am so very proud of him and what we have created together. 



Is my favourite time of year if I’m not fully shopped by October I’m having pink conniptions.

I love the idea of Christmas being a celebration of all that we’ve achieved throughout the year and a time for us to thank our family and friends for being such amazing and supportive people. I do love a good Christmas hat, a good cider and a cracking steamed pudding. 



Our Fire Pit warms my heart and soothes my soul. It’s a permanent fixture during our winters, spending hours sitting around warming our hearts, sharing our stories, dreaming for the future, and reminiscing about the past.

Having marshmallow roasting competitions and mostly being our very best because we are all together doing something we love.



Obviously! I have 5 kids how else could I get through the day. 



It’s strong and confident and that’s how I like it. 



Snuggles with the babes, because it's the best.



Joseph, Naomi, Ned, Charlie, Darcy

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# 1 - Joseph

This guy made me a mum. He is a sensitive kind soul, humble and so very strong. Joseph is practical, clever, and can build / create anything. He loves to camp and tinker with anything mechanical, loves his dog, and is the very best big brother.


# 2 - Naomi

This little lady is a power house. Naomi is smart and
independent, can dance her way through the day like no one’s business, and knows what she wants. Naomi is confident, capable, loyal, kind and loves to dance and read. 


# 3 - Ned

Likes to beat his own drum, is head strong and independent. Ned knows what he wants and is the family comedian. He has a unique way with words, is calm and consistent and loves to play with his trucks and have a good dig in the dirt.


# 4 - Charlie

Everything sweet, silly and a little bit naughty but mostly nice. Charlie will sing her way through the day. She is strong willed, does not like being left behind, loves to help in the kitchen and likes to keep everyone in check (mini mum).


# 5 - Darcy

A curious and clever little guy.  Darcy is squishy, cuddly and loves to snuggle and dish out kisses all day long. He is super polite, the smallest, sweetest and certainly the friendliest. Darcy loves his bike and his toy tractors.

Rachael’s family 


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